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Knowle West Health Association (KWHA)

We are a voluntary organisation aimed at promoting, protecting and preserving good health and wellbeing for, but not exclusively, local residents of Knowle West in Bristol.


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4 February 2015


Next year's compost in the making it the tunnels have used last year's to replenish the soil in both tunnels so we get some great fresh vegetables

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9 December 2014

our new clay oven

Clay oven has had a lot of use since we build with help from harry from the children center and Jennifer from the media center ellie and family from the allotments and every one else who help got dirty and messie thanks to you all and have a happy Christmas all and see you all in the new year and we can cook some tasty pizzas thanks all

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16 November 2014

large pumpkin and squash

In need of good home be good for groups ect as to big for 1 person or family any ideas please cheap prices message me thanks

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16 November 2014

2 November 2014

Looking good

The round house!! Chris will be up the media centre Tuesday morning at 10 in reception come get some fresh veg - squash £3.00 each, beetroot £1.00 a bunch and jerusalem artichokes £1.50 for 2lb so message me tomorrow...

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28 October 2014

from Tuesday next week

Chris will be delivering fresh vegetables to the media center from 10 in the morning until 11 in reception next week there will be Chinese cabbage . Jerusalem artichokes beetroot text me for an fresh order on the day plus we have large squash and pumpkins

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29 July 2014

our summer. Beat spring feild allotments

With Brandon. Trust. And people. From the local community. Cooking. Fresh. Prejudice. It was a fun day

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2 July 2014

2 July 2014

fresh vegetables at spring field Allotments

If you want fresh veg the and see Me we have rainbow chard tomatos,sugar snap peas all so yard long beens, onions and peas runner beans

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21 June 2014

at kwmc

Come say hi today fresh. Veg for sale at knowle. West media. Center

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