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Knowle West Health Association (KWHA)

We are a voluntary organisation aimed at promoting, protecting and preserving good health and wellbeing for, but not exclusively, local residents of Knowle West in Bristol.


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7 May 2015

this is what I won

Still can't believe it that I won bristol food hero there's alot of people out there that do the same and alot more than me. Pps you can now find me on Twitter

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19 March 2015

2 July 2014

fresh vegetables at spring field Allotments

If you want fresh veg the and see Me we have rainbow chard tomatos,sugar snap peas all so yard long beens, onions and peas runner beans

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3 June 2014

rainbow chard

Rainbow chard is ready for picking here at Springfield allotment along with broad beans and sugar snap peas, so come get your fresh veg on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings!

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14 March 2014

Charity Challenge Waterfall Hike

On Thursday 13th March we travelled over the severn estuary and into Wales where we went on a waterfall hike. The boys showed some great iniative and the team building was excellent. A great day :)

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14 March 2014

Oxfam Distribution Centre, Bicester, Oxford

On Tuesday 11th March, as part of the Charity Challlenge Programme we visted Oxfam Distribution Centre to learn more about the charity and what equipment is sent out to relieve countries. We learnt that Oxfam's aid is predominately water in the means of purification, etc. A lot of questions were raised by the boys and broadened everyones knowledge in what support relief Oxfam offer.

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