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Knowle West Health Association (KWHA)

We are a voluntary organisation aimed at promoting, protecting and preserving good health and wellbeing for, but not exclusively, local residents of Knowle West in Bristol.


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7 May 2015

this is what I won

Still can't believe it that I won bristol food hero there's alot of people out there that do the same and alot more than me. Pps you can now find me on Twitter

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11 January 2015

what I have at the moment

Hi all we got at the moment is oca there like a small potatoe but with a unique taste there all so called the lost crop, they come from south America so if you want to try some things new let me know either on here or text me there a £1.00 a lb , all so we have pink primroses at 50p each or 5 for £ 2.00 same thing just let me know we will deliver thanks

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4 November 2014

bare root wall flowers

Bargain of the week bare root wall flowers mixed colours £3.00 for 40 plant's or £5.00 for 80 plants message me for delivery

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2 November 2014

Looking good

The round house!! Chris will be up the media centre Tuesday morning at 10 in reception come get some fresh veg - squash £3.00 each, beetroot £1.00 a bunch and jerusalem artichokes £1.50 for 2lb so message me tomorrow...

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